November 2, 2008

Republicans Operatives Asked By Judge If They Electronically Manipulated Elections

Probably, this year we will not hear many claims that the elections were "stolen," simply because the result will be so overwhelming that any manipulation of some touch-screen voting machines would be useless. We host, however, this opinion by Yale professor Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, on the proceedings against a Republican operative which may reveal a lot about the events of 2000 and 2004.

This election November 4th is now less likely to be rigged because the computer IT guru of the Republican party has been exposed and compelled to appear in an Ohio federal court this past Friday, Oct. 31. The judge ruled that he, Michael Connell, would have to testify under oath on Monday, Nov. 3 about his work for George Bush and Karl Rove electronically manipulating
elections. So, less than 24 hours before the polls open on Tuesday and 20 years after he began doing computer work for Bush Senior, Michael Connell will finally have to begin answering questions about what he has done to help Republicans win (steal) elections. However, the questions in the deposition on Monday will be much narrower, limited to his relationship with Karl Rove, how an "intelligent man in the middle" computer can change the tabulation of the vote, how a remote Trojan Horse computer program can manipulate the tabulation in real time as the statewide count is being tallied and effect the outcome of an election, and how the GOP company Triad was able to help rig the 2004 vote in Ohio. Some of Connell's testimony may be made public before the election. 
You can see Connell's picture beside the website he designed for McCain, at and there is more information at
In the past, Michael Connell has set up websites for Bush/Quayle, Jeb Bush, Bush/Cheney, Katherine Harris (in Florida 2000), Saxby Chambliss (who ran against Max Cleland in 2002), SwiftBoat Veterans. Evidence indicates that he has been at the scene of many stolen elections.
Now we are beginning to understand how it was done with computers inserted invisibly into the process of tabulating the vote before the outcome is announced. Connell may well be innocent of any wrong doing. He may have only programmed the computers while others designed and carried out the dirty work. It will be for the judge to decide if he, or higher ups,
are guilty. But light is being shed on his shady history and he is going to be held accountable. Preparing for his court hearing on Friday and deposition this Monday, Connell was surely distracted from any last minute fine tuning of his election tampering network.
Even more important, he knows that the gig is up, people are on to him and that a federal judge is watching his every move. He knows that he might go to jail if he doesn't tell who told him to do what, -implicate higher ups. And this may make the higher ups, the unseen ones calling the shots, disinclined to throw another election to the Republicans.
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville